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ADS van STIGT, Driveline Specialist

In almost half a century ADS van STIGT has grown into a strong Sales and Service organization which has developed from representative of foreign manufacturing companies to an independent importer, distributor and maintenance expert. ADS van STIGT is a supplier of drivelines and electronic control-and monitoring systems for a wide variety of industries: dredging, earth moving, inland navigation, offshore, hoisting and piling, super yachts, fishing, agri, ocean going, pleasure craft and machine construction.

ADS van STIGT became the A-specialist for reverse reduction gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, clutches, pump drives, controllable pitch propellers, flexible couplings and electronic control and monitoring systems. As complete driveline packages can be supplied, system responsibility will be accepted by the company. We would like to present ourselves as driven, proactive, anticipating on new developments and regulations.

The key factors why we originally chose Katsa as a business partner were quality, expertise and customized gearboxes” tells Mr Marc IJzerman, Sales ManagerIndustry & Offshore responsible for Planetary gears, Clutches and Pump drives.

“Our collaboration started 3 years ago at the Bauma Messe, in Ger-many” Marc IJzerman continues. “We were very interested in their products, especially the customized gearboxes Katsa were showing there and already after a few months of technical discussions and negotiations everything was set and in place in our Gorinchem – The Netherlands based plant and our co-operation started fully”.

Katsa designs and manufactures pump drive gearboxes, but in general the main reason for ADS van Stigt ́s interest was Katsa ́s ability to offer solutions for customized gearboxes and to deliver those gearboxes according to class regulations. “They gave us immediately the feeling that they are delivering quality products and the company itself is an A-brand, high-quality company” continues IJzerman. “The first impression was that they know exactly what they are talking about. That how it feels and looks also today” he says.

ADS van Stigt strategy is and has been enlarging their ownportfolio and Katsa among their other partners was very logical choice in regards of that strategy. “The way Katsa is handling projects is a very reliable way in terms of partnership like this describes Manager Sales, Mr Sander Snoek. “That’s what ADS van Stigt was looking for. Katsa is doing most of their parts inhouse, and their engineers are very knowledgeable and professional. “That is extremely important while you start new projects and you need to discuss about the technical issues and needs” Marc IJzerman complements. “Katsa ́s people are very well educated and highly competent. That is extremely important to us” tells also Sander Snoek.

We really see them as a partner” says Manager Sales, Mr Sander Snoek while describing the partnership between Katsa Ltd and ADS van Stigt.

For ADS van Stigt the collaboration with Katsa has reopened the markets which they had lost in the past due to the changingdriveline systems. “The enlarged portfolio has been thebiggest benefit for us” tells Sander Snoek. “With Katsa we can offer gearboxes to the driveline systems where we used to supply for example reverse reduction propulsion gearboxes which have been replaced by azimuth thrusters. Today we supply the clutches for the thrusters with integrated PTO drives”, he continues. “And for Katsa as well there has been similar benefits, they have reached new markets and they have been able to sell more products for the wider target groups than earlier” sums Marc IJzerman.

In short, ADS van STIGT is the name of a nationally and internationally operating company whichoffers driveline knowledge, an extensive state of the art program and a large warehouse with thousands of final products and parts, supported by efficiently equipped workshops and a 24/7 service organi-zation. Together they are guarantying an optimal care for each product once it has started its longoperating life.

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