Steel stocking and cutting saw

Katsa has three automated cutting machines for the sawing of bar steel up to Ø820 mm. We stock the most commonly used gear component material and diameters to facilitate prompt deliveries. We have large stocks of, in particular, 18CrNiMo7-6 and 42CrMo4 materials. We also stock material with classification approval.


Our multitasking lathes are optimal for turning gear and shaft blanks of different sizes. Vertical lathes enable us to turn massive gearwheels up to Ø1700 mm.

Gear cutting

Katsa has gear hobbing machines in different sizes for precision gear cutting up to Ø2000 mm. The main hobbing capacity is based on Gleason-Pfauter P1200/1600 machines.

For internal gear cutting, we use gear shaping method. Our latest machine acquisition is the Liebherr LSE1200, taken in use in September 2016.

Heat treatment

Katsa’s in-house heat treatment is capable of case hardening workpieces of up to Ø1500 mm and a maximum of 5 tonnes. Quality assurance for case hardening is performed by our own laboratory. We also provide induction hardening. Nitriding is outsourced to subcontractors.

Hard turning

For the purpose of hard turning shafts, our latest investment is the Okuma Multus B750 multitasking lathe which is capable of finishing shafts of less than 3 m long. This 5-axis lathe is also used for making keyways and gearing.


Katsa has grinding machines for the cylindrical, internal and surface grinding of workpieces up to 4 tonnes. We also manufacture integrated planetary gearwheels with precise surface and form specifications.

Worm grinding

Worms and trapezoid threads are ground using the Klingelnberg worm grinding machine. The largest module size is 25 and maximum diameter is Ø350 mm.

Gear grinding

By using modern gear grinding machines we achieve the precision class 3 DIN 3962. The largest of our several profile grinding machines is the Gleason-Pfauter P1600G. To meet serial production demands, Katsa provides gear grinding with the Reishauer RZ1000 gear grinding machine up to module 8-10.

Gear inspection

Katsa’s gear profile inspection machines allows for a maximum workpiece of Ø1500 mm. The measuring reports (DIN3962/ISO1328) show the results for gear profile and flank direction as well as pitch and run out.

The final inspection of gearwheels includes, in addition to a general final inspection, possibilities to conduct surface tempering inspection with the Barkhausen method, magnetic particle inspection (MT) and liquid penetrant inspection (PT) in order to find any surface flaws. We also conduct ultrasonic inspections (UT) on turned components and, in special cases, on gearing. Katsa has EN 473 NDT Level 2 qualifications for MT and UT inspections.


The Schenck balancing machine is used to balance high-rotating gearwheels and gear shafts. Maximum work piece diameter for balancing is Ø 1600 mm and unit weight is 4400 kg. Accuracy of the balancing machine is capable for quality G2,5 according to ISO 21940-1.


Katsa’s special gearboxes and turning devices are assembled in a separate gearbox assembly plant. Gearbox housings are machined using our own CNC machines and broaching milling machine. For the larger gear units, Katsa has a special heavy gear assembly.

Test run

The factory test run is conducted to all gearboxes to ensure the perfect operation of the product by monitoring noise level, oil leakage, temperature and general behaviour when loaded and unloaded.


Katsa’s service covers the maintenance and repair of bevel, worm, planetary and helical gear units and their combinations. Gearbox refurbishment starts with the external cleaning, followed by the disassembling of the gear unit. The service and measurements are documented. When needed, Katsa manufactures replacement components, sources bearings and seals and repairs the slightly worn components. Finally, the gear unit is assembled, tested and painted to correspond to a new unit.


We use automatic storing system for small parts and gear components. For larger components, we use traditional pallet storage. Internal transportation between Katsa’s plants is done flexibly with own vehicles.

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