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Katsa Service offers a wide range of after-sales services for
gear units and mechanical power transmission systems.

Katsa - Service

Katsa Service

Katsa provides service for any gear unit regardless of the original manufacturer. The service covers the maintenance and repair of bevel, worm, planetary and helical gear units and their combinations.

Gearbox refurbishment process

• external cleaning
• gear disassembling
• documentation and measuring
• disassembly report and proposed repair actions
• reverse engineering and spare parts
• assembly
• test run and testing
• painting to match new gearbox

Modernization process

On the basis of the initial data and measurements on the existing gearbox, Katsa will design and produce modifications or the new unit that meets the requirements:

• if necessary with new gear ratio
• reinforced
• in a different form
• e.g. adapted to a smaller size

Design and engineering

• reverse engineering
• modernization
• the service life of gearwheels and bearings
• strength calculations of shafts and casings

Reverse engineering and spare parts

• dimensioned and designed with complete gear cutting calculations
• manufacturing according to the customer’s needs

Field services

• gearbox detaching, installation, alignment and
• measurement and inspection services
• oil analyses
• gearbox condition analysis services

Katsa production

Manufacturing process of Katsa’s drive train components covers the entire production from material storage and cutting to final product inspection and quality control.

Katsa production capacity for gears and shafts:

• Toothing max. Ø2400 mm
• Case hardening max. Ø1600 mm
• Inner toothing max. D1200
• Dynamic balancing max.
  Ø1500 mm / 3000 m
• Final inspection
  – Klingenberg Precision Measuring Center
    P100 ja P150
  – Magnaflux – particle inspection
  – Ultrasonic inspection
  – Barkhausen surface tempering inspection

Other power transmission components e.g.

• Gear couplings max. Ø1600 mm
• Slewing bearings max. Ø1600 mm
• Gear shafts with tooth grinding
  max. Ø350 mm
• Worm gears max. Ø2400 mm

Contact Details

Tero Pohjolainen - Katsa

Tero Pohjolainen
Service Manager
Mobile 044 300 1714

Matti Kumpuniemi

Matti Kumpuniemi
Account Manager
Mobile 040 514 5204


Spare parts and reverse engineering

Katsa Service endoscope inspection

Metal industry planetary gear under maintenance

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