Katsa Service

Katsa Service

 Katsa Service offers a wide range of after-sales services for gear units and mechanical power transmission systems. These Include spare part deliveries, reverse engineering, gearbox refurbishment and modernization projects. Katsa also offers gearbox upgrades to improve technical output of processes. Service has own in-house engineering and sourcing resources, as well as a separate workshop for gearbox refurbishment.

Spare parts and reverse engineering

Katsa serves customers by supplying original spare parts for Katsa’s gearboxes and by providing reverse engineering also for other manufacturers’ gear units. Reverse engineered components are dimensioned, designed, calculated and manufactured to meet the customer’s current demand.

Gearbox refurbishment process

 Katsa provides service for any gear unit regardless of the original manufacturer. The service covers the maintenance and repair of bevel, worm, planetary and helical gear units and their combinations. The factory service starts with the external cleaning and disassembling of the gearbox. Concurrently the gear unit will be expediently documented and necessary measurements will be taken, which leads to a disassembly report. The proposed repair actions are offered to the customer as indicated in the disassembly report. On the basis of the order placed by the customer, Katsa manufactures replacement components, sources seals and bearings and repairs the slightly worn components. Finally, the gear unit is assembled, tested and painted to correspond to a new gear unit.

Modernization projects

 Process changes in parameters of for instance speed, power, torque and space limitations often turn out to become modernization projects. In such a situation, the updated technical requirement needs to be understood and evaluation between modifications to old gear unit and upgrade gear unit to meet a new demand will be done. The changes may mean for instance different gear ratio, reinforcement for higher loads, smaller size or different form. On the basis of the initial data and measurements on the existing gearbox, Katsa will design and produce modifications or the new unit that meets the requirements.

Design and engineering

 In addition to reverse engineering and refurbishment, Katsa also offers design and engineering services, including calculations related to the service life of gearwheels, bearings and strength calculations for shafts and casings.

Field services

For field services, Katsa provides its customers uninstallation, installation, alignment and start-up of gear units on-site. Katsa also offers measurement and inspection services, vibration measurements, oil analyses and gearbox condition analysis services.

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