Katsa Industries

Marine & Offshore

Power transmission solutions, gearwheels and turning devices

Katsa has a long history in providing power transmission solutions to marine industries. Over the decades, we have worked in co-operation with major OEMs in the business, and are able to meet high quality demands and documentation requirements.

Katsa’s gearwheels and turning devices are an integral part of leading engine manufacturers’ products onboard vessels sailing on the oceans worldwide. Katsa supplies steering gear rims and pinions for steerable thrusters. In addition Katsa also has gearboxes for propulsion systems. Different offshore winches and oil drilling machinery are equipped with gearwheels, gear shafts and gear rings produced by Katsa. Moreover, Katsa offers gear units and components for fire pumps, PTO drives as well as winches and other deck machinery.

We co-operate with several classification societies on a daily basis. Our gears are certified in compliance with all classifications, including DNV-GL, BV, LRS, ABS, RINA, RMRA, KR, NK and CCS. If necessary, we can support our customers with classification matters during both the design phase and technical implementation.

Steel & Metals

Production-line gearboxes, gearbox modernisations and components

Katsa operates with variety of products and services in the steel industry. We service production-line gearboxes and supply components directly for steel plants and for equipment manufacturers. Katsa is also experienced in gearbox modernisation and upgrade projects.

Service at Katsa has the capacity to rapidly respond to customers’ urgent demands. We are able to replace a broken gearwheel by dimensioning, modelling and manufacturing a new one even if there are no original drawings available. In connection with the gearbox refurbishment, we offer in-house design and manufacturing of gearwheels, which facilitates rapid and flexible in-house production. If required, we can visit the customer’s premises, give an estimate of the situation on site and, jointly with the customer, decide on necessary further measures.

Mining & Construction

Special gear units, special gearboxes and bevel gears

Katsa manufactures components and special gearboxes for mining and construction industries. For decades, we have supplied special gear units and bevel gears designed for rock crushers and stone mills. We also deliver special gear units for mining vehicles, conveyors and feeders. Our special gearboxes are particularly suitable for applications with space restrictions, weight optimisation, challenging shapes, combinations of different power transmission solutions or high efficiency demands. Katsa also has references from refurbishment projects, where we have manufactured new gearboxes to replace the old ones as required by the end-user.

Katsa’s gearbox production is feasible for, among other things, mixer and flotation cell gearboxes. Also medium-sized mill gear units and countless other special applications are possible. In recent years, Katsa has invested in the production capacity of increasingly large gear units.

Katsa’s gearwheel production responds to the challenging power transmission demands in mines. Our own heat treatment plant and capability to manufacture large-module components and precision tooth profiles ensure optimal durability and long service life.

Pulp & Paper

Worm gear actuators, reeling drum couplings, gearwheels and gear units

The pulp and paper industry has played an important role in Katsa’s success since the foundation of the company. Over the decades, Katsa has developed, for the paper industry, a whole line of KV worm gear actuators that are used to accurately control the movements of paper machine. Katsa’s KV actuators are frequently used for controlling, for example, the headbox.

In addition to KV actuators, we manufacture reeling drum couplings, gearwheels and a range of different gear units, including drum debarker, sheet forming and sheet cutter gear units.

Katsa also services paper industry gear units and supplies spare part components for repair and maintenance needs. We are experts on power transmission in paper machines and are able to offer alternative solutions in modernisation projects involving individual service needs or in the replacement projects.

Energy & Wind

High-speed turbo gear units and wind turbine gear components

Katsa has extensive experience and solid expertise in the manufacture of components for high-speed turbo gear units. The precision balancing of double-helical gearwheels and gear shafts is a routine task on our production floor. Katsa also manufactures large-scale shaft line turning devices for power plants.

We have been actively involved in the development of wind turbine gear components since the early days of the wind power industry. For nearly two decades, we have co-operated with the leading equipment manufacturers in the business sector. Katsa complies with the demanding documentation and inspection requirements of wind power customers.

Katsa also supplies gear units and components to the major equipment manufacturers in the field of bioenergy, both in Finland and abroad. Katsa’s products can be found, for example, in peat production machinery as well as pellet machines and chippers.

Vehicles & Rail

PTO and drop boxes for the power transmission line

Katsa specialises in the design and manufacturing of the PTO and drop boxes for the power transmission line of heavy specialised vehicles. Katsa’s gearboxes are installed in mining vehicles, hybrid buses and other specialised vehicles. In addition, we provide the defence industry with special gearboxes intended for use in demanding conditions, for example, in military crew transport or mine clearing vehicles.

Katsa manufactures gear components to meet demands of several European companies specialising in rail vehicle production and service. Katsa’s manufacturing capabilities meet the requirements of the rail vehicle industry. This is for instance due to the possibility to balance the products.

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