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Katsa produces gearwheels, gear shafts, gear rings and
gear couplings as well as slewing bearings according to customers’ specific power transmission demands.

Katsa - Gear components

Katsa - Gear components

Katsa`s gear component manufacturing is focused for high-accuracy gearwheels and other gear components for heavy demands.

Cylindrical gears

Katsa - Cylindrical gears

Typically, spur or helical gears by Katsa are of the size Ø 200-2000 mm and their weight ranges from some tens of kilos to a few tonnes. Our scope of supply includes gearwheels and gear rims also over ⌀ 2000 mm. The quality class is normally DIN 4-7 and the module sizes vary from 2-25, but we cut even larger teeth on a project basis. Katsa has the capacity to balance high-speed gears to quality class G2,5 according to ISO 21940-1.

Double-helical gears

Katsa - Double-helical gears

Double-helical gears are usually of the size Ø 300-1200 mm and weigh up to 4 tonnes. The quality class is typically DIN 4-7. Due to the tooth grinding, the gap must be a minimum of 70 mm, sometimes even more, depending on the number of teeth and the helix angle. Katsa has the capacity to balance fast rotating gears to quality class G2,5 according to ISO 21940-1.

Gear shafts

Katsa - Gear shafts

Gear shafts are typically of the size Ø 150-600 mm and length 300-1800 mm. At the longest, a case carburized gear shaft may be as long as 2500 mm. Gear shafts may also feature double-helical toothing. The quality class is typically DIN 4-7. Katsa has the capacity to balance fast rotating gear shafts to quality class G2,5 according to ISO 21940-1.

Bevel gears

Katsa - Bevel gears

We make bevel gears mainly to serve as components in our own gear units but also for aftermarket service needs. The wheel diameter usually falls within the range of Ø 100-700 mm. The teeth are finished by lapping gears in pairs.

Ring gears

Katsa - Ring gears

Katsa manufactures hardened ring gears up to size Ø 1500 mm, and even larger gears of tempered steel. With internal teeth, the maximum gear shaping diameter is Ø 1250 mm and the quality class is typically DIN 7-11. Helical and bevel internal toothing are also possible.

Worm gear pairs

Katsa - Worm gear pairs

Katsa manufactures worm components in sizes Ø 60-350 mm. In bronze worm gears, the diameter is often between Ø 200-1300 mm. A single-thread worm is typically used but other solutions are possible as well.

Slewing bearings

Katsa - Slewing bearings

The typical diameter of slewing bearings ranges between Ø 700-1600 mm. The bearing type is either a ball or roller bearing.

Gear couplings

Katsa - Gear couplings

Katsa manufactures gear couplings either as single units or in pairs. The coupling size range is extensive, from weights of some tens of kilos to hundreds of kilos.

Other components

Katsa - Other components

Other power transmission components manufactured by Katsa include, for example, gear racks, toothed sectors and shafts. Longest shafts are close to 3-metre-long.

In-house production capabilities for gear components generally are as follows:

  • Up to ⌀ 1600 mm for case hardened and ground tooth flanks
  • Gear cutting up to ⌀ 2400 mm
  • Ground worms up to ⌀ 350 mm and wormwheels up to ⌀ 1300 mm
  • Gear shaping up to ⌀ 1200 mm
  • Large variety of pinion shafts
  • Gear couplings

Contact Details

Johann Schaumann
Area Sales Manager
Mobile +358 40 508 2995
E-mail johann.schaumann@katsa.fi

Germany • Austria • Switzerland


Ville Eskelinen
Area Sales Manager
Mobile +358 40 700 4303
E-mail ville.eskelinen@katsa.fi

Finland • Sweden • Norway • Denmark • Iceland

Teemu Karppila
Area Sales Manager
Mobile +358 40 826 8451
E-mail teemu.karppila@katsa.fi

Netherlands • Belgium • Luxembourg • France • Poland • Italy


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