Katsa™ - Power Take-Off (PTO) Gearboxes and Clutches for Mobile Working Machines

With Katsa´s Innovative PTO Drives and Clutches you will achieve the highest efficiency of you Mobile Machine! General technical overview of Katsa™ PTO´s and Clutches: • Engine Power up to 1200 kW • Wet Running Hydraulic Clutch Dynamic Torque up to 16 000 Nm • Diesel-Engine Bell Housing from SAE 00 to SAE 3 • Pump Mounting Options from SAE B to SAE E • Other PTO´s for example with Open Shaft End • Independent Oil Circulation with Oil Pump and Integrated Oil Sump • Flexible Gear Ratios for optimal Engine Pump RPM´s • Clutches Control Block with Proportional Valves for Smooth Engagement Optional: • Full Control and Condition Monitoring System • Various Accessories; Cooling, Filtering, etc. Katsa has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing Power Take-Off Gearboxes and Clutches for Mobile Equipment. Main appli- cations are Mobile Rock Crushers where Katsa´s PTO´s are known as a State-Of-Art solution for the harshest conditions. Katsa´s PTO´s can be adapted for example in • Rock Crushers • Screeners • Shredders • Wood Chippers