KAre™ - Katsa remote

TM KATSA remote KA re • Gathers • Processes and comprises • Transmits • Stores • Adds value • Makes available just the information you need! enables • Scalable asset condition monitoring • Scalable asset performance monitoring • Combination with Katsa´s gearbox controller KAcon example applications • Single gearbox • Mobile machines • Vehicles • Future R&D • Industrial applications • Rolling stock add value for • Fleet management • Additional services (e.g. preventive maintenance) • Future sales and leasing models • Future R&D consist of • Scalable hardware • Safe and secure Finnish cloud service • Browser based user interface hardware • IP67 protected enclosure • Two different main unit options • AMPSEAL 35 main connector • Optional customised wire harness • Optional external antennas • Optional VIBRO unit in same housing, providing on board spectral analysis FFT, envelope-curve FFT or trend analysis • Optional LAN Connector for detailed vibration analysis easy-to-use web browser user interface • Graphical presentation of the collected sensor and CAN data • Alarms for sensor values • Location on an interactive world map • Application running hours, start-up count and current running status • Sensor key values: minimum, maximum, average, mean and uptime • Different user profiles: determine the accessible applications for end users • CSV export of the data possible data sources • Temperature sensors (1-Wire, PT100) • Pressure sensors • Pulse sensors for rotation speed measurement • Sensors with a digital output (inductive, switches) • J1939 / CANopen CAN message transmission (read-only) • Oil condition sensor based on the electrical properties of the oil (viscosity, density, dielectric constant and temperature) • Internal accelerometer data for a rough grasp of the vibration level • Vibration sensors (IEPE, up to 12kHz) TM KA re TM KA re TM KA re TM KA re TM KA re TM KA re TM KA re TM KA re