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Reliability in extreme conditions



Katsa offers special gearbox solutions tailored to meet the customer’s requirements with decades of engineering experience. Thanks to our flexible and smooth processes, we are able to provide competitive design, manufacturing, assembly and testing services for both individual projects and serial production.

Katsa produces gearwheels, gear shafts, gear rings and gear couplings as well as slewing bearings according to customers’ specific power transmission demands. If the customer does not have all the necessary technical data available, our engineering department will ensure that the component will be suitable for the intended use.

Katsa provides customers with gear repair and maintenance services in a flexible manner regardless of the original manufacturer. With solid expertise in power transmission, our experienced service engineers offer assistance in problem solving and modelling. The gearwheel production in connection with the service facilitates fast and flexible manufacturing of different power transmission components.

Katsa provides mechanical power transmission solutions to all industries in which engineering quality, demanding operating conditions and optimised product characteristics are of significance. Katsa’s products are in use on land, at sea and in the air.

For gear unit production, Katsa has assembly lines for both small special gearboxes as well as for heavy units. We have a separate service workshop to provide customers with gear repair and maintenance. In-house production for gear components includes machining, heat treatment, grinding and inspection.

The cornerstones for Katsa’s quality include advanced processes, high competence level, modern machinery and uncompromising quality assurance. Our Quality Management System has been ISO9001 certified since 1993. Our Six Sigma quality improvement programme was launched in 2012.

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Katsa Oy

Katsa designs and manufactures power transmission components. Katsa is a supplier of special gear units which are tailored to meet the customer’s demands. For end users, Katsa provides modelling, modernisation, gearbox repair and maintenance services as well as spare parts. Moreover, Katsa manufactures a range of toothed components as single batches and in serial production.

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